Greens is the brainchild of 4 sisters from Saudi Arabia. They wanted food, guilt-free, great flavor, yet healthy. In 2016/17 Saudi Arabia, this was like finding a unicorn. They thought ‘since this is such a rarity, why don’t we create the ultimate unicorn?’ Healthy food that is convenient, fresh, prepared daily, ready-to-eat, delicious, all natural and completely locally sourced. Sounds utopian and impossible right? They set out to make this utopia a reality and Greens was born.


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Who we are

We're not just a healthy food restaurant, we’re a movement for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We're a movement powered by a generation of young passionate people. We see ourselves as a hotbed for creative and innovative solutions to healthy and sustainable food production. We are your neighborhood fast casual restaurant with a multicultural menu influence and an international appeal. We rate quality over cost, we prioritize speed of delivery but not over quality of service. We believe good food must be both delicious and healthy. We are concerned about the environment and our impact on it. We’re eager to play our little part in protecting our beautiful community and our planet because we have no other one. We are pro-health, Pro-earth, Pro-people, Pro-sustainability.


The Greens Experience

Greens creates the whole healthy experience, from the main meal to sides, snacks and drinks. Every meal is made in-house, fresh daily at the central kitchen and in stores. Only the healthiest ingredients go into our meals, under the strictest of hygienic conditions. Greens is the reliable partner to wellness conscious individuals and families.


Greens is known locally for popularizing the Nature-in-a-Jar Concept. The concept includes Salads jars that incorporate a dressing at the bottom, followed by ingredients like quinoa, barley or beans that soak up the dressing. Vegetables are at the top so they can stay crisp; when someone’s ready to eat, they shake the jar to dress the salad.


We’re currently based in Saudi Arabia and we have 6 locations with the 7th under development. We are at a tipping point in our growth as a start-up, and we will be expanding aggressively in multiple directions soon, powered by our investment in talented people and innovative/ sustainable solutions that will increase access to quality food and improve speed of service.

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Our Values

  • Our drive to innovate is fueled by our passions.

  • We aim to bring a modern approach to healthy eating, without compromising on taste and palatability.

  • We love people, we connect people with our food, sharing unique experiences and Giving them the healthier and happier perspective.

  • We believe in authenticity and quality over cost savings. No compromises.

  • Holistic approach to sustainability. In all our actions and decisions and practices, we consider the social, economic, and environmental impact that we have on our planet.

  • Everybody wins - We create solutions where the customer wins, the community wins, the employees wins, and the company wins.

  • We strive to make a difference in the life of people everywhere. Changing lives positively, one at a time.


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